"My wife and I purchased a dental practice from a sole practitioner and immediately had to make changes with systems and staffing to accommodate two dentists. Steve was amazing at helping us create a welcoming and streamlined new patient experience. Steve is an expert in managing financial arrangements with patients and provided effective messaging in simplifying complex treatment plans for patients to understand. Steve is an incredible consultant and practice administrator. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Michael Shirer, DMD
Aiken, SC

"Steve truly understands the practice of dentistry.  He is very adept at analyzing the numbers and data to flush out the internal issues the practice needs to resolve.  And he equally understands people and the relationships that make an office tick.  His unique background and our time together give me great confidence in his approach to practice management.  I look forward to continued success together."

Dr. Kyle Eberhardt
Akron, OH

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise yesterday. I really appreciate your remote assessment of our practice and our team enjoyed your training. We will try our first huddle tomorrow morning. You did a fantastic job!"

Vickey Guffey, DDS
Knoxville, TN

"Steve Cartin possesses the unique ability of combining systems and human resources that can lead to the success of practicing dentistry in the 21st century."

Stephen H. Dunn, DDS, MAGD, FICOI
Ocala, FL

"I want to tell you how grateful I am for the benefits you have brought to my office and team members. After each visit you leave us feeling motivated, empowered and enthusiastic. It is rare to find a consultant who commands such respect while at the same time is so approachable. The information you have provided has already helped my office become more profitable and efficient and we all look forward to implementing the exciting concepts you shared with us at our last meeting. As you know, I already recommend you to my colleagues and friends. I have no hesitation in endorsing your services to all other clinicians. Thanks once again!"

Philip Lewis, BDS
Avenue Road Dental Practice
Freshwater, Isle of Wight

"Coaching with Steve Cartin has been one of our best investments in time and money. In 35 years of practice, working with many different coaches, he is the first to come into the office and deal with the specific personality and inter-personal issues that have kept us from getting ahead."

Robert A. Finkel, DDS, MAGD, FICCMO, FACMS
Suwanee, GA

"We had some coaching from Steve Cartin to help with a few different aspects of running our dental practice. Steve had all of the staff engaged and to my delight they all commented that it was a day well spent. At last we have good structures in place for the morning huddle and for running the appointment book. Last month was my best month ever and we can still implement many more of Steve's gems."

Dr Pieter Claassen
Hanover House Dental
Tonbridge, England

"My wife and I attended a Leadership Encounter facilitated by Steve Cartin early last year. He provided great information on leadership and practical steps to apply these principles at home and at the office. We enjoyed the weekend so much, that we asked Steve to facilitate another Encounter for my office team later in the year. In addition, Steve provided phone coaching for me to help me stay on track in my various leadership roles as a husband, father, and as the leader of my dental practice. I appreciate the input Steve provided for me and his ability to look with insight into a variety of leadership areas. His suggestions and ideas were helpful and practical and have helped me become a better leader. Thanks Steve!"

Gregory Sexton, DDS
Morristown, TN

"I want to thank you for coming to my practice and performing an assessment. I had been discouraged about the performance of the practice that I had joined and needed advice on how to move it forward in a positive direction. I appreciate your in-depth research and willingness to go above and beyond my expectations as you gathered information and evaluated the practice. Your recommendations are right on target. I look forward to implementing them and to improving the practice along the way."

Eric J. Sterett, DMD
Augusta, GA

"Excellent presentation for content, value and application" (Anon.)
"Good job of bringing up points that we are overlooking and helping us maximize what we have." (Anon.)
"I enjoyed a very 'comfortable' learning experience! We appreciate you following an outline! Looking forward to before/after photos of perio!" (RDH)
"Really enjoyed this meeting, many things to talk about at our next office meeting!" (Office Manager)
"Great job. Very impressive. Thanks." (Dentist)
"Great illustrations to drive home message that social media is here to stay." (Anon.)
"Great rate of speaking with very easy to follow PowerPoint.Very simple & direct. Stayed on topic, useful. Knew material and understood it." (RDA, TN)
"I did not play one single "Word on words with friends" the entire presentation." (Anon.)

Evaluations from 1/2-Day program,
East Tennessee Dental Diagnostic Study Club
Knoxville, TN

"Being married to an American I understand that in private dentistry American practices are often ahead of the UK in terms of marketing and business management. Happily Steve Cartin has experience of UK dental practices and is able to translate these ideas in a way that is applicable to UK dental practices. I would highly recommend Steve, hes very knowledgeable and would teach the dentist and the team ideas and concepts they would not have come across before but he is also a peoples person and is able to keep the team engaged while implementing new concepts."

Justin Stewart, The Denture & Implant Clinic
London, UK

"Steve Cartin made an excellent presentation to our staff at Connie Maxwell Children's Home, and I received many positive comments from those who participated. His program had humor, important content, encouragement and motivation, and was delivered in a way that kept our staff interested and involved right to the end. I can recommend Steve for an enjoyable time of coaching, teaching, management training, and more. I believe you will appreciate having him with you and be thankful you utilized his skills for your group."

Dr. Ben Davis - President/CEO
Connie Maxwell Children's Home - Greenwood, SC

"I wanted to let you know how inspiring I found your training day. I really got a lot from it and I want to thank you. I am glad you're on our team! Looking forward to your next visit."

Dr. Sarah Lochhead
Helens Bay Dental Practice
Bangor, Northern Ireland

"Steve has been coaching our practice now for over 18 months. I can say without doubt that it has been immensely useful and has covered far more than its cost in revenue. We have all been on management courses that tell us what to do, but without ownership, accountability and support very little from these courses actually gets implemented. This is where coaching really makes the difference. Steve has helped us put in place many business management systems that have improved our revenue (at the worst time ever in Irish dentistry), reduced my stress and improved the patient experience and care . With the systems now in place I can relatively easily deal with many of the little stressors that a practice throws up. I would recommend absolutely anyone to have an initial practice evaluation with Steve and take it from there."

Dr. Paul McEvoy
Paul McEvoy & Associates
Dublin, Ireland

"Since Steve's arrival to our practice, he has helped in organising some of the basic day to day activities in the practice and the enthusiasm of the staff toward this change is beyond words. The staff and dentists find him very approachable with regards to problem solving and the opinions of the practice. Steve’s presence has had such a positive effect on the practice as a whole, that we would be more than happy to recommend his services to others."

Dr. Bobby Chhoker & Dr. Harpreet Varaitch
Gabriels Hills Dental Practice
Maidstone, England