Comprehensive Practice Analysis

Are you scratching your head about why your practice has plateaued or is or why growth has slowed? 

Do you sense there are opportunities for growth and profitabiility that are eluding you and your team?

Or are there plans for the future which require careful analysis and a solid strategy for moving forward?

Don't stay in the dark about the health of your practice.  We will closely examine at ten different areas of your practice, right down to the nitty-gritty details of chart audits.  We will be in your practice for two days going through your practice with a fine-tooth comb and rate your practice against industry benchmarks to determine your practice level of health in ten key areas:

  • Active Patients
  • Advanced Perio
  • Recare Compliance
  • Accounts Receivable
  • New Patients
  • Collections
  • Scheduling/Appointing
  • Radiographic Compliance
  • Treatment Presentation/Acceptance
  • P&L Performance

Upon analysis, specific recommendations are developed for each area and an overall Practice Health Score is determined.  Based upon your unique mix of challenges, opportunity and team strenghts, we develop a strategy for reaching the goals that you as owner(s) of the practice have outlined during prior to our analysis.  The second day in-practice concludes with 3-4 hours of immediate coaching to present the challenges to your team, get them on board with future coaching needs and give them tangible next steps to begin moving forward immediately.



"Steve truly understands the practice of dentistry. He is very adept

at analyzing the numbers and data to flush out internal issues the

practice needs to resolve but equally important he understands people and the

relationships that make an office tick...His unique background and our time

together give me great confidence in his approach to practice management

and I look forward to continued success together."

Dr. Kyle Eberhardt - Akron, OH