Keys to Cash Flow

There are only two reasons why you have uncollected money in the pratice:

1 - You did not collect an appropriate amount at check-out.
2 - You expected insurance to pay something it won't.

Unless you are fully fee-for-service, both reasons boil down to just one thing:
An incorrect understanding of plan coverage for new and existing patients.


"Cartin Coaching's insurance verification services have been simply amazing.  Their communication along with guided steps concerning insurance have improved the workflow in our practice.  Steve is easily accessible and always available to meet our needs.  I would recommend their services to any dental practice."

Shelly M. - Practice Administrator - Statesboro, 


Less stress.  Happier patients.  More profit.

Roll out the red carpet to WOW your new patients without worrying about eligibility, benefits or history. Present treatment plans with confidence without letting pre-determinations get in the way of otherwise motivated patients. Increase production by being on top of coding and submission requirements for replacements, removables and perio procedures.  Get back to doing what you do best - caring for patients and growing your practice - rather than sitting on phone hold or sifting through another online insurance website. And all this for less than the cost of a part-time junior-grade employee.

Whether you need verifications for upcoming routine or emergency patients, we have you covered.  We will assign an experienced Account Manager to your practice to make your job easier on a daily basis while increasing profitability.  

Call 803.392.0523 to learn more or to take the first step toward more productive, smoother running days in your practice.  Check out this great service today!