Recover Aged Accounts

Over the years, we have developed a simple system for reducing A/R while maintaining positive relationships with your patient family.

Let's face it, different practices have different philosophies about how aggressive they want to be in collecting monies that are owed to them. Whether your philosophy is laid back or pay up, our unique system can be tailored just for you. Recover more money, faster than ever, at less cost to your practice. How would you like to:

  • Collect the money owed to you for as little as 5 cents on the dollar?
  • Consistently collect on all debt, not just the high dollar accounts?
  • Have your debtors send their payment directly to you rather than a collection agency?
  • Collect the money owed to you with the push of a button and no monthly or annual subscription costs?
  • Receive a 200% money back guarantee on your initial, one-time low cost for implementing this system?

Whether you need an intense one-time effort to reduce A/R or an ongoing system for maintaining healthy levels of aged accounts, we can help.

Poor Insurance Management Sabotaging Your A/R?

When paper claims were the standard, you could have 4-6 weeks of production out at any time. Unfortunately, many consultants still use this number to soothe the wounds of practices who have excessive levels of Total A/R.

Today, clean claims are back in a couple weeks, max. Many are paid in a matter of days. So, EVEN IF EVERY PATIENT IN YOUR PRACTICE WAS AN INSURANCE PATIENT, no more than 40% of your monthly production should be out in Total A/R at any time. If you collect the appropriate co-pay at the time of service, that drops to 20% in most practices. Anything higher means key systems are not working as they should.