Coaching & Consulting

Our Promise, Your Peace of Mind

Together, we can grow your practice. You deserve a return on your investment. More than that, you deserve to have systems in place which reap benefits for years to come. Cartin Coaching's promise to you is simple:

Invest in 8 or more days of coaching and get our ROI Promise in writing.

Note: Results vary and past performance in any practice should not be construed to imply any guarantee for a specific production increase in your practice beyond your written guarantee.

Don't put your hard-earned money at risk. Call us today at 803.335.3128 to learn more!

Evaluation and Coaching Sessions

Depending on your concerns/needs, Cartin Coaching provides customized team coaching in regular in-practice sessions of one and one-half days. Between visits, you and your team receive remote support to keep your practice moving forward. Steve designs each session of coaching based upon the analysis and recommendations from a Comprehensive Practice Analysis. Some special circumstances may not require a Comprehensive Analysis, eg., a newly-owned practice, implementing new technologies, adding an associate, etc.


"We purchased a dental practice from a sole practitioner and immediately had

to make changes with systems and staffing to accommodate two dentists. Steve was

amazing at helping us create a welcoming and streamlined new patient experience.

Steve is an expert in managing financial arrangements with patients and provided

effective messaging in simplifying complex treatment plans for patients to understand.

He is an incredible consultant and practice administrator. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Dr. Michael Shirer & Dr. Sussanah Shirer - Aiken, SC