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Thirteen years into in-practice coaching and 30 years in the dental insurance industry have given me a lot! I have had the opportunity learn from some of the best minds in the industry and some of the best doctors and teams in the world. For me it all boils down to just a few simple, but sometimes elusive, goals.

Dr. Peter Dawson often talks about how he grew his reputation and value in the industry by using a small index card in his pocket on which he kept a list of all the things he wanted to accomplish each week. As each item was marked off the list, he was one step closer to the renown and worldwide presence of the Dawson Academy. I've attended the Dawson Academy and I don't think he ever mentioned starting out to be the founder of such an institution. What he did was to pursue excellence. When you pursue excellence, success finds you. At Cartin Coachig, we like to measure success in dentistry according to the Triple Bottom Line:

  • What will it take to become the Provider of Choice in my community?
  • What do I need to work on to become the Employer of Choice in my area?
  • What strategy do I need to become the Investment of Choice when I transition my practice?

As best I have determined, there are only three problems in business:  hiring, training and leading.  How's that working for you?  It would be my pleasure to help you meet the challenges of each, to whatever extent your unique circumstances require and to the extent at which a collaborative, systems-based approach to coaching, consulting and training fits your philosophy of managing change for a better future.  We all have to ask the question posed by a prolific New York Times Best-Selling author:

"What reason, other than the fact that I want this to work, do I have for believing that tomorrow is going to be different from today?"

--Dr. Henry Cloud


Giving Back

Cartin Coaching is committed to the spirit of giving for which mentors like Linda Miles, Linda Drevenstedt, and Dr. Van Haywood serve so well as models. We gladly supports the work of one of the following organizations with a portion of each new project undertaken:

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