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Collecting Delinquent Accounts
Delinquent Account | Increased Cash Flow
According to the US Department of Commerce, on average you will only recover 10% of an account that is 1 year overdue. Numerous business watchdogs, including the Small Business Administration, recommend that intense collection efforts begin when the account is 60-75 days old.

How do you collect money from your patients without burning the bridge that leads them back to your office for future treatment?

Conventional collection agencies charge 35-50% of the money they collect. Further, they typically only go after the large accounts because those are the one which make for the most profitable use of their time. And if that's not bad enough, they seldom have any commitment to treating your patients with respect.

What if you could:
Collect the money owed to you for as little as 5 cents on the dollar?
Consistently collect on all debt, not just the high dollar accounts?
Have your debtors send their payment directly to you rather than a collection agency?
Collect the money owed to you with the push of a button and no monthly or annual subscription costs?
Receive a 200% money back guarantee on your initial, one-time low cost for implementing this system?

You can. Cartin Coaching can help!

Interest-Free Payment Plans Whose Fee to You is Less than 1%
Increase production by offering a no-interest payment plan that is safe for the practice and saves you more than 90% when compared to typical credit-based plans. Cartin Coaching can help you tailor the plan to your needs and administrative protocols for minimum effort and maximum treatment. Give us a chance to tell you how today!

You can do it. We can help!

Could You Pocket $30K-$100K This Quarter, Compliments of the IRS?
Want to kick up your retirement savings a notch or two? Invest in new equipment or technology? Expand your facility? Or do you have the need for a one-time significant increase in your cash flow? With the answer to just five simple questions, we can tell you if you qualify and prepare a free estimate of your payout. ROIs for dental practices I've served have ranged from 10:1 to 29:1. Where might your practice fall in that range?

If you qualify, we can get the ball rolling!
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