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"No organization rises above its leadership." - John Maxwell

"The number one issue in any practice is leadership." - Cathy Jameson, PhD.

"The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." - Ken Blanchard

"Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality." - Warren Bennis
These giants of industry, business and practice management have made a career out of getting it right. So how does your leadership stack up? Cartin Coaching provides leadership assessment, training and coaching in a variety of formats for small business, healthcare and non-profit organizations.

Leadership Coaching

Steve Cartin is a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team. John Maxwell was recognized as the most Influential Leadership Expert in the World in 2014 by Inc. Magazine. Steve is also a Master Leadership Development Facilitator certified to incorporate elements of Ken Blanchard's One-Minute Manager and his flagship development model, Situational Leadership II. Consider the spirit of servant leadership carved out by the greatest leadership role model of all time and by more contemporary leaders like Nelson Mandela, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Start with your philosophy of dentistry and create the culture that will propel you to higher levels of satisfaction with your business, your team and the patients you serve.

Leadership Coaching helps you focus your effort and energy so you can:

Create a culture of service, growth and development throughout your team.
Master the relationship challenges specific to your leadership situation.
Break through mental and organizational roadblocks to achieve your goals and dreams.
Organize your life and work at levels of effectiveness you never dreamed possible.
Multiply the leaders around you to make better use of your own time and unique contribution to the practice.
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