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About Steve

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Here's what you get when you choose me: More than 25 years' experience with practice owners who want to create successful, satisfying lives by serving others through dentistry. Why not tap into a quarter of a century of insight that will create next steps for implementation, sharpen your focus on the goals ahead and guide you in developing the people and business systems take you farther and higher than you've been before. If you need a corporate consulting presence, that's not me -- but you'll have me, the decision-maker, on speed dial. And if you need further services, I'll help you shop around for the best value rather than locking you into or dragging you into add-ons you must purchase from me.

Big Picture & Operational Excellence

Prior to entering the dental arena in the early 90's, I served decorated Air Force Officer in Flight Test and Operational Spacecraft Engineering roles, having launched satellites via conventional rocket boosters and the Space Shuttle. It was my responsibility to write proposals, negotiate contracts and oversee teams and annual budgets up to $18 million with operational accountability for over $3 billion in assets. Your excellence and success is no less important to me today.

Big Teams, Little Teams

You will be getting someone who has worked with dental practices ranging from four to eighteen team members and groups of up to four practices. I've wrestled with the dynamics of multiplying the efforts of a single integrated team and of creating cohesive teams of department leaders who promote the achievements of others for overall practice success. In employed practice roles, it's been my privilege to serve as Practice Administrator of a busy 2-doctor/4.5 hygienist general restorative practice and a smaller 2-doctor family practice.

Training & Certifications

Some of the top dental gurus in the world have blessed me through training, working together or close personal friendship. Here's a sampling of such things that translate into better value for your bottom line:

Business & Communications Coach Certification - Jameson Management, Inc. (Cathy Jameson)

Practice Evaluator Certification - Jameson Management, Inc. (Cathy Jameson)

Speaking & Consulting Training - Speaker Consulting Network (Linda Miles, Lois Banta)

Practice Administration mentoring- Linda Drevenstedt

Introduction to Comprehensive Dentistry - The Dawson Academy, Course I

Speaker, Coach & Trainer Certification - The John Maxwell Team

Master Leadership Development Facilitator Certification - Ken Blanchard / Lead Like Jesus

Left, Right, Left

Since 2006, select private dentists/teams and audiences on both sides of the pond in the US, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland have been my stopping off points. I've crossed the Atlantic back and forth 38 times to work with the best of the best.

Short term, Long Term

Dental practice owners like yourself engage me for anything from a half day of training to 18 months of practice coaching. Some of those agreements have been extended at my client's request for anywhere from several months to 8 years. My first "dental" client -- Dental Systems, Inc (www.iaplus.com) -- continues to have me on retainer today.

Whether you're looking to...
increase your profitability
bring on an associate or partner
train your team
transition to retirement, or
provide a qualified speaker for your next event.
...contact me today for a customized combination of value and experience to help you achieve your goals.
I serve on the Board of Directors of Southeast Dental Advisors and the Warschaw Learning Institute. I am a member of The Christian Medical & Dental Associations and regularly teach sessions of treatment presentation and communications to students at the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University (formerly the Dental School of the Medical College of Georgia).
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