Eligibility, Benefits & History

10 Questions to Diagnose Your Dental Insurance Pain

  • How much treatment is getting out the door unscheduled due to insurance uncertainty?
  • Are predeterminations keeping otherwise motivated patients from moving forward?
  • How much do you write off due to claim issues in order to pacify patients?
  • How much more could your team get done if they weren't on the phone all day with insurance?
  • Which new patients are covered for perio maintenance without sharing it with the adult prophy code?
  • Which best describes your coverage book - a Claims Nightmare or a Collection Machine?
  • How does exceeding frequency limitations impact your relationship with patients?
  • How many prospective new patient phone calls do you miss while tied up on the phone with insurance?
  • How much of your Total A/R could be erased if insurance issues were not a problem?
  • How many units of C&B have you lost due to uncertainty or error with replacement issues?

Introducing  Remote Front Desk  at your service!

Now you can roll out the red carpet to WOW! your new patients without worrying about eligibility, benefits or history. Present treatment plans with confidence without letting pre-determinations get in the way of otherwise motivated patients. Increase production by being on top of coding and submission requirements for replacements, removables and perio procedures.  Get back to doing what you do best - caring for patients and growing your practice - rather than sitting on phone hold or sifting through another online insurance website. And all this for less than the cost of a part-time junior-grade employee.

Whether you need verifications for upcoming New Patients or for Emergency New Patients who appointments are at least one-hour away, Remote Front Desk has you covered.  

Call 803.403.8074 today to learn more or to take the first step toward more productive, smoother running days in your practice!