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What began as writing a software application for a dental company his mother worked for in the late 1980s gave birth to a career of serving dentists and their teams in the US and abroad. With an engineering degree and Air Force experience in Flight Test Engineering and Satellite Systems Engineering, Steve began providing technical and business development consulting to Dental Systems, Inc. in the early 1990s. His work in this capacity took him into dental practices and in 1995 he decided he wanted to provide consulting to dentists and their teams to help them grow, work better together, serve patients better and be more profitable. Steve thought, "This will be great -- nobody's doing it." Little did he know. With a little research he found that not only was everybody and their brother doing it, among them all, he seemed to be the only one who had never worked in a dental office. He gave up the idea and set himself to working on what was before him. Doing so proved a maxim that author, Ken Blanchard, has often shared: Do what's in front of you until God shows you something else..

Steve Meets Linda & Cathy

While serving as General Manager for Dental Systems, Inc. from 2004-2006, Steve met Linda Drevenstedt who gave him his first "in-practice" opportunity with a one-week working interview in a pediatric practice in Long Island. Moving a thousand miles from home didn't excite him. Soon after, Cathy Jameson extended the opportunity to be trained in the States as a Practice Evaluator and Dental Business Coach and serve as the first Director of Operations for her UK Division.

Cartin Coaching & Management Is Born

On May 5, 2008, a leading dental firm in the Southeast offered Steve his choice of positions in two Southeastern cities. On that day that he decided he did not want another job. He stopped by Staples on the way home, bought a new laptop and launched Cartin Coaching & Management, LLC. Two weeks later, Linda Drevenstedt placed him in a busy $2.2 million restorative practice in Ocala, FL as Interim Practice Administrator. Over the next 9 months, Steve was able to field test all the great principles he had learned from Cathy Jameson and further grow under Linda's mentoring.

Now, ten years and hundreds of dentists and team members later, Steve has developed systems with his own unique flavor which aim at helping dental business owners achieve three bottom line goals:

  • Becoming the Provider of Choice, the practice the best patients want to visit.
  • Becoming the Employer of Choice,  the practice the best and brightest team members want to join.  
  • Becoming the Investment of Choice,  the practice that gets the best offers from lenders, suppliers, potential partners or new owners in transition.

Continued Growing & Giving

Continuing education isn't just for dentists. Keeping up with a changing market, dental business trends and the latest technology keeps the application of timeless principles relevant and effective. Steve has attended the Dawson Academy and has been regularly invited to present topics at Dr. Dawson's annual Emerging Leaders in Dentistry Symposium. He has invested in additional training and mentoring with Lois Banta, Dr. Bill Williams and Linda Miles. In 2016, he curtailed his schedule to allow one year of serving as Practice Administrator and Treatment Coordinator in a new two-doctor practice which was transitioning from an establish practice that had only been working 3 days. His goal in doing so was to get back into the daily flow of hands-on work in a practice and to evaluate the impact of emerging trends and technologies in dentistry.

Steve is committed to that same spirit of gracious giving which Linda Miles and Linda Drevenstedt have modeled in helping him and so many others advance toward their own goals. He is a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations and volunteers time helping those who help others or who are just starting out in business. Steve proudly supports the work of the following organizations with a portion of each new project he undertakes:

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